Essentially The-Colab is a communications company which makes use of various media and technologies to solve business and organisational problems. We make use of an integrated approaching, employing the most ideal communications methods to tackle the issues being addressed.

Web Design & Development

The web really is our main playground both personally and professionally. It the medium of the moment, or at least of the last couple of decades and we believe it’s where huge things can happen for just about any initiative. We offer the following web related Services.

  • Specialized Web Design & Front end Development (Standards Compliant)
  • Custom WordPress based CMS Development (Everybody Loves WordPress)
  • Social Media Integration (It’s all about the humans)
  • Web Communications Strategy (The science behind the nuts & bolts)
  • Online Social Media & Web 2.0 Strategies
  • Content Development & Copywriting
  • Web Hosting

Creative & Conceptual Services

We’re Primarily Designers & Ideas people, so our solutions tend to have a creative slant to them wherever possible. Whether you’re looking for a concept for your new Brand’s Identity, a Logo or the full Package Corporate Identity across the board we’re versatile enough to cover your back. We’ve been involved in both digital and print based design projects of various types and sizes for the last 12 years.

Brand Development

We speak Brand, at least to the extent that it’s meaningful to humans. Over the years we’ve engaged with some of the Biggest Brands in South Africa both as individuals and as a collective. We don’t just offer the surface designs but the blueprints and thinking that result in them. If you’re looking to create a Brand with some substance to it we’re ready to take on the challenge.

Strategy, Consulting & Training

We know many of the decisions to be made regarding your communications strategy are like stabbing in the dark. Lets just say there’s a science to everything and we haven’t named our company The-Co LAB without reason. We always advise our clients based on our experience and understanding of the current industry trends. We’re constantly assessing the technologies, methods and even scientific studies being done to develop the most effective communications possible.

We’re very much process orientated and don’t believe in whacking things together without thought and planning, though to be honest we’ve been forced into our fair share of whacking in the past.

We’ve even gone to the extent of writing courses and running training sessions covering various aspects of web design & development in the past.

Primary Services

  • Graphic Design for web & print
  • Brand Development
  • Consulting & Training
  • Strategic Communications Services
  • Brand Analysis
  • Web Needs Analysis

Additional Services

  • Conceptual Development & Brainstorming
  • Online Business Development
  • Website Maintenance and troubleshooting