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Need some WP Powers

We know, you like many others love WordPress, but that doesn’t mean it’s not giving you grey hairs and eating up valuable time trying to get your widgets together. That’s why we’re put together this WordPress Course, packed with just enough to take that edge off to struggle of beating WordPress into shape. You’ll feel like a Super Hero.

We’re covering: 

  1. WordPress Newbie Bridging Session
  2. WordPress Site Administration
  3. HTML & CSS Beginner
  4. WordPress Theme Development


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“I have had the honor of being a WordPress student of Nur Furlongs at FOD in 2010 … His work ethic and ability to transfer knowledge … has earned my respect as a fellow designer … “

May 12, 2011, Angelique Dos Santos – Ovpod

“Brilliant lecturer that always has an idea to solve problems. No matter when I struggled, I could always find a helpful resource in him.”

May 10, 2011, Philipp Schmid, Marketing Manager, Friends of Design


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I wrote the curriculum and taught the first WordPress Theme development course in Cape Town if not the whole of South Africa. My course was first taught way back in 2008 at Friends of Design College Cape Town.


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More Course Details – Click Below

Prerequisites for the WordPress Course
Areas We’re Covering
Dates & Times

The Course Modules

Click the Tabs below for more detail on each module

Newbie IntroSite AdminHTML & CSSTheme Dev

WordPress Newbie Bridging Session

WordPress Newbie Bridging Session Date: April 12 1 Session R350

This session should prepare you for diving into the site administration session. We will be giving all those who signup a series of WordPress learning resources including Videos to keep you in touch with what’s happening while you find your feet in the World’s Favourite Website Content Management System.(ie. WordPress :) )

  • What is WordPress?
  • The Dashboard
  • Create a New Post
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • How to Create and Edit Pages
  • Changing Theme
  • Adding Plugins
  • Widgets

WordPress Site Administration

WordPress Site Administration Dates: April 16,19 2 Sessions R600

This will essentially cover how to manage a WordPress site via the admin login, how to install WordPress, installing some intermediate functionality and generally knowing how the software operates. I have presented a bit of an outline of this via my WordCamp presentation.


I will be giving course attendees access to a Video Training Series called wp101 via my website

  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Add Photos and Images
  • How to Embed Video
  • Using the Media Library
  • Managing Comments
  • How to Create Links
  • Building Custom Menus
  • And more!!!
I will also cover some of the most essential plugins required
  • SEO
  • Google
  • Social Media
  • Shortcodes
  • Video Gallery
  • Backup & Restore
  • Security
  • Lightbox
  • custom CSS
  • Modifying Post Editor

Basic HTML & CSS

HTML & CSS Dates: April 23, 26, 30 & May 3, 7 5 Sessions R1600

For a taste of what might be on Offer in the HTML course, a good reference is the following online Video Course: http://learncss.tutsplus.com

I’ve taught HTML from scratch on behalf of Friends of Design & CPUT as well as privately and I’ve taught a wide range of different types of people. Learning HTML from scratch is not rocket science, but it can be quite daunting doing it alone and I have found with just the right nudge over a few sessions just about anyone can be well on their way to writing solid HTML code for developing Websites.

HTML Development knowledge is essential before taking on the WordPress Theme Development course I teach as almost 90% of the Theme’s code will comprise of pure HTML, and the rest bits of special WordPress PHP.

Introduction to HTML

  • Base Structure of HTML
  • Text Formatting
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Divs

CSS is the much more interesting and stylish partner to HTML, the stuff we use to give HTML it’s bling and zing. Without CSS HTML content would be dull and boring.

Introduction to CSS

  • Inline, Embedded & External Stylesheets
  • CSS Structure
  • Text Styling
  • Elements Spacing
  • Backgrounds & Borders
  • Basics of CSS Layout

An Entire Video Course will also be made available after the module on disc for those who attend this specific module.

The purpose of this module is to get people up to speed with enough HTML knowledge so they are able to keep up with the WordPress coding module which does require HTML knowledge in order to benefit fully from the module.

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Theme Coding Dates: May 10, 14, 17, 21, 24 5 Sessions R1600

WordPress PHP is not like learning programming, as the PHP used for WordPress is not overly complicated and can also be learnt by absolute beginners. WordPress Theme development skills are becoming one of the most sought after and most requested in the web industry    as the platform continues to grow in popularity.

  • Introductions to Theme Development
  • Basics of Wp PHP Code
  • First Steps to Converting HTML to WP Theme
  • Menus
  • Sidebars
  • Loop
  • Wp Templates
  • Custom Loops( the content engine of wordpress themes)

These skills have helped all kind of people develop their businesses further, not just web designers. I’ve been writing a few tutorials for wptuts which will give you an idea of what to expect.

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Register For The Course

If you’re ready to take the course, or even if you’re just interested in more information please complete the form below.

  • Should you wish to make any additional comments, ask a question or make a suggestion please add it here.


Eva Csernyanszky – Director of Friends of Design

“Nur has worked with my digital design training academy (Friends of Design) for a number of years. It was always a pleasure working with him as a freelance trainer, on a personable and technical level. I highly recommend him as a valuable asset to any creative team.” August 23, 2011
Eva hired you as a WordPress and Web Design Trainer between 2008 & 2011 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ibraheem Adams, Graphic / Web Designer, AbsorbInspire

“Nur Ahmad is an amazing individual, he is more than a lecturer, I think I can safely say a mentor. His knowledge about the web, web development and design as a whole is outstanding. Whatever the question, he has many answers and is always willing to help. It is always a pleasure working with him and I look forward to our next collaboration.” May 23, 2011

Randall Wyngaard – WordPress & HTML Student

“I highly recommend Nur Ahmad Furlong as Web Development Lecturer and WordPress Trainer/Consultant. Nur has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and social groups,His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. I recommend Nur without reservation.”

Cayden Philander – WordPress & HTML Student

“Nur, is brilliant at what he does!! you grasp the content of word press so quick..he taught me well, and you could learn so much while working with him.”


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